Fisheries in Protected and Non-Protected Areas: Is it Different? The Case of Anomalocardia Brasiliana at Tropical Estuaries of Northeast Brazil


J.S. Silva-Cavalcanti,  and M.F. Costa

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This work aimed at comparing ethnoecological information about the fisheries of Anomalocardia brasiliana (Gmelin, 1791) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in protected and non-protected areas. Semi-structured questionaries (326) inquired about families, household economy, fishing and perceived environmental changes. The largest part of mussel pickers in protected areas are women (82.4%) who learned the trade from their mothers (48.5%) and has over twenty years of occupation (58.8%). At non-protected areas the activity is practiced by men (51.0%), unemployed (50.9%) from agriculture (8.3%) and building (12.5%). There were significant differences (P≤0.05) between declared kg of meat produced per season, family income and harvest frequency. Reduction of shell length (mm) were reported for both areas. Meat production increases in high summer (December to January) when compared to the rest of the year (February to November). Values per kg of meat varied according to season in both areas. In summer US$1.9 and 1.8, and in winter US$1.4 and 1.2, for protected and non-protected areas, respectively. The production is sold to middle-men in both protected (30%) and non-protected areas (20.5%). The declared catch per unit of effort (CPUE) for male was smaller in the summer (2.2 kg meat/h) than in winter (1.8kg meat/h). For female the same pattern is also observed (1.4 and 1.15kg meat/h, respectively). Tools as spoons ( =14.1 11), nets ( =13.9 18.0) and forks ( =10.3 8.8) increase harvest performance. Deforestation, decrease of quality and quantity of fisheries resources, aggradation and water pollution were the most frequently cited environmental changes observed in the last five years. 

KEYWORDS: ethnoecology, estuarine resources, traditional populations, Goiana River Estuary, Santa Cruz Channel.

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Flórida, USA - http://www.jcronline.org/toc/coas/56
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Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue 56, 2009